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Augmentics Ltd currently has the following open vacancies:

 Job Ref: HENG-2
 Microprocessor hardware design engineer sought
[part time and/or freelance]
 Essential skills: Microprocessor digital design; analogue interfacing; some software skills; PCB design; hardware test & debug
 Location: The work will be based at our offices outside Evesham. Off-site work also possible.
 Basis: Might suit keen student [any age], retired engineeer or locally based freelancer.
 Special Note: For the right highly skilled, highly driven, "startup" person this role could be set up as a very senior permanent appointment.
 Contact: In first instance please send a brief email to:

Please feel free to send us your CV to jobs@augmentics.com in advance, if you feel that you might be able to make a significant contribution to the business.

General Information

Augmentics Ltd is located south of the city of Birmingham, in the British West Midlands area.

All applicants should be highly skilled, very intelligent, very experienced and highly "driven" individuals with the determination to succeed.
The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is equally confident working either as part of a team or "standalone".

Age is not an issue at Augmentics - we admire both mature experience and youthful zeal!

Salaries will be more than competitive, and annual performance related bonuses will be part of the package. Stock options will be available to key players.


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